Movie: A Civil Action

Watched this again last night to see Stephen Fry’s cameo. It was a good movie, even though I had forgotten that I’d seen it before. I liked William H. Macy’s performance when his character is losing it.

Movie: Love and Other Drugs

Didn’t love this one. Combination depressing terminal illness element plus central-to-the-plot level product placement by big pharma equals can’t recommend this movie. Jake Gyllenhal is a cutie pie, but seeing his naked butt didn’t make up for the other stuff (although, if you’re an Anne Hathaway fan, you do get to see plenty of her in the movie, so there’s that).

The one thing that I liked about this movie was that it was filmed in Pittsburgh. The loft where Maggie lives looks surprisingly like one I visited at a welcome reception for new students at my alma mater. Let’s hear it for rust belt cities being reinvented as film industry hot spots. Okay, that might be overstating it a bit, but I always love when things are actually filmed in Pittsburgh. Or Ohio.

Movie: Unzipped

This movie was somewhat entertaining. I recommend it if you are, like me, interested in clothing or fashion. I think I read about it on Gertie’s blog (?), and my trusty library got it for me. At first I hated how grainy and jerky the picture was, but toward the end of the film, I understood why they were doing that and how it made for a better ending. Well, the grainy part. The jerky camera work was just annoying and made me pity anyone watching this movie who has a tendency toward motion sickness.

The most interesting thing about this movie was hearing about the inspiration for this designer’s collection. I mean, why is this the chosen method for deciding what clothes will be available to the masses? One random, fairly kooky guy’s 3 am insomniac movie experience means everyone is wearing fake fur the next season? Who thought up this system? Why do people continue to participate in it? It seems like the height of insanity to me. I don’t want some random guy, whose personality I’m not even all that crazy about, or even a bunch of those people, deciding which clothes I can choose. All the more reason to sew my own.

Another interesting facet of this movie was the models. Quite an interesting pack of folks, and again, it amazes me that we let the way these few people look determine so much of what is defined as beautiful and appealing. I guess mostly this movie exposes what I consider to be a rather crazy part of our current culture, so I recommend it for that reason. I deem the jerky camera work worth enduring to get the greater educational benefit.

I’d definitely love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this movie. If you’ve seen it, what you liked or didn’t like, your thoughts on the whole fashion-is-insanity topic. Talk to me.

Movie: The Tourist

I overcame my extreme aversion to Angelina homewrecker Jolie to see this movie and was glad I did. I still can’t stand her, but Johnny Depp is great, as usual, and this movie had a completely surprising (to me) ending. Totally worth seeing.


Movie: Pirate Radio

I saw this one last month, but I didn’t get around to mentioning it. This movie, in the tradition of Kinky Boots, is now on my favorites list. Great soundtrack, great cast that includes Bill Nighy and Tom Sturridge, comedy, redemption. It’s got everything I am looking for in a movie. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys British accents, British comedy, 60s rock music, and happy endings.

Also, Miranda’s right. This daily blogging wheeze has serious down sides, chief among them being that I’m just not leading an interesting enough life that I have something worth posting every day. Buckle up for some more movie reviews, my friends!

Happiness is…

…riding your bike to work, wearing a skirt you sewed yourself, giving a friendly wave to a stranger who is out mowing his lawn, hearing when your backpack hits the pavement after falling off the pannier rack behind you so you can stop to pick it up, and still getting to work on time. Yes, I’m feeling quite righteous and wholesome today. Yes, indeed.

I biked to work yesterday, too, to cheer myself up after the itchy walk around the block. For the short time left that I have a bikeable commute and while the weather is absolutely perfect for biking, I’m going to enjoy it.

Happiness is also acing the final exam for the Mickey Mouse computer class that’s part of the curriculum at Virginia Marti, without taking the class, and using software that I had never seen before, namely the 2007 versions of Word and PowerPoint, which appear to have been changed for no other reason than to confuse and frustrate long-time users of the software. The man from the school who called with my results was certainly milking the suspense for all it was worth. The tone of his voice said failure, so I was happily surprised when he said “passed,” even though I left the test feeling fairly confident of a pass. Heck, I skipped to my car yesterday. That was more because I’d finally gotten a) my first text book and b) the summer schedule, but still.

After work, a weaving guild friend is coming over to help me get unstuck with the piles and piles of stuff clogging up my laundry room needing to be overdyed/dyed/have the color removed/etc. I haven’t been able to use my laundry folding table in something like a year or two? It’s ridiculous. I find that the more I admit I need help, the easier things get. Even if she can’t help me, I’ll be that much closer to getting through it all. I’ve got all the supplies and equipment I need, I just need the moral support and social facilitation (learned that one at Bryn Mawr, hello Psych 101). The same person recently helped me overcome an obstacle on the loom that took approximately 30 seconds to overcome when she was standing there, but which had caused me to leave the loom sitting untouched for months. Yeesh.

Tonight, we celebrate by going to see the Star Trek movie. Okay, we were going to see it anyhow, but it feels very celebratory to me. I can tell that getting good grades is going to continue to be a motivating force for me as I go back to school. It’s just such a straightforward way to get an ego boost. The June Sewing Fundamentals class that I’ll be taking (oh, I got in, did I forget to mention that on here?) is mainly for them to assess what kind of students we will be. Ha! Stand back, Virginia Marti College. I will be taking you by storm.

Movie: Romeo and Juliet Get Married

I loved this movie. Loved it. Start to finish, it was a delight. The acting is stellar; the story is wonderful. I was cheering along like I was at a soccer match myself, and that’s saying something, because I’m not what one would call a sports person. See this movie. It’s subtitled, but it’s so completely worth it. It’s the story of Romeo and Juliet set in modern Brazil, and the star-crossed lovers are fans of rival soccer teams. What are you waiting for? Go rent this movie now. You will thank me.

Making my life easier

I haven’t been keeping up on my movie reviews on this blog. We don’t have cable, so we watch DVDs from the library instead, and despite my success with TV Turnoff Week (man, do I ever get tired of linking to that site? No, I do not), I watch way more TV than I would like to admit. Usually it’s good background noise for knitting, but also because my brain, except in cases of extreme interest in some hobby or other, refuses to do anything productive after about 7 pm, there’s a lot of evening TV viewing in our house. But lots of the stuff I see isn’t even worth writing up, so I just let the list fade away. Well, I am making an effort to spruce up Ye Olde Blogge here, and I’d just like to keep track for my own reference, too, so I added a little Recently Viewed list in the sidebar (over to the right there, you can’t miss it) with links to the shows or movies I’ve watched on DVD. Enjoy! If you want more details on anything, feel free to ask, and if something especially fantastic wafts in front of my eyeballs, I’ll be sure to pipe up about it.

Movie: The Oh in Ohio

Parker Posey. That really should be all I have to say. But I’ll say a little more. Not only is this movie set in the town where I live, so you get a little view of our city’s skyline, it’s just a really cute movie. Parker Posey rocks, of course. And Paul Rudd is good, too, a solid performance. Danny DeVito, as well, quite a worthy contribution to the film. Good story, enjoyable soundtrack, a few laughs. I’d recommend this movie to anyone. It’s light and funny, pleasant. And did I mention it stars Parker Posey? Really, that’s all that needs to be said.

In other news, The Professor and I walked 2.5 miles yesterday morning, plus I did another 1.7 on my own. This morning we did another 2 miles. My left ankle is a little grouchy about it, and the weird histamine reaction I get when I do even low-impact exercise like walking (that’s the one hitch to which I alluded before– again, a topic for another post) has intruded slightly into my life, but I’m sure we’ll go again tomorrow anyhow. Micromovements.

Movie: Evan Almighty

In the spirit of playing catch-up, one of the other movies I watched recently that I enjoyed immensely was Evan Almighty. I’ve been a Steve Carell fan ever since Little Miss Sunshine, which is in my top 10 favorite movies ever. So, I was predisposed to liking this movie, but even beyond his important contributions to its success– the man is a master of comedic timing– it was cute. Silly, sure, but it had a mildly positive message (sadly quite watered down and toothless, but it was a comedy, not a docudrama, so what can we expect?), and the interaction between Carell, Wanda Sykes and John Michael Higgins that occurs about 50 minutes into the film was priceless. It’s just too bad they cast Lorelai Gilmore as his wife. No, I don’t mean Lauren Graham. Apparently they cast Lorelei herself, only they took away her mini-me foil and had her tone it way down for this show. Ugh. But if she was the only down side to the movie, that’s not too damning. The animals were wonderful, and the DVD extras were almost all worth watching, which is not often the case. I liked learning that the director endeavored to encourage a greener movie set by getting bikes for all the cast and crew who were willing to try alternative transportation and by donating the materials from the struck set to a local Habitat for Humanity. It’s a nice step in the right direction. Anyhow, the movie is worth seeing. I’d recommend it to anyone, and if you see it and decide you hate it, just wait for the scene at the 50-minute mark before you turn it off. Trust me.